EmRata’s J.Crew jacket under $ 100 is the smartest purchase for the winter

Emily Ratakowski nowadays he spends most of his time in New York. And in the winter most of that time in New York is spent in ottomans. I imagine that there is a whole side of your wardrobe dedicated only to fluff of any color, length and price. And speaking of price, I have some good news. Her first down jacket of the season included one that came under $ 100 and was from a place you may have heard of: J.Crew.

If you need a really warm puffer that comes in both cheerful and neutral colors, you can’t go wrong with EmRata’s Flurry Puffer Jacket with PrimaLoft. It is light, durable and very warm and currently has a 50% discount, which reduces it to $ 99. Ratakowski chose a bright red shade with leggings, sneakers and a sweatshirt and looks very cozy. If you want to be as cozy as her, shop for the exact fluff below, along with some other great options from J.Crew.

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