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What are you doing this weekend? We’re going to Philadelphia by car to have fun. We have never been to a family, and we plan to walk around the village and eat local food. (Any corrections?) I hope it’s good, and here are some fun links on the net …

Friends on the East Coast represented the typical Friday in Oregon”.

How bright it looks winter.

You know when you walk into a bookstore and you can’t remember the title of a book, you just describe it? Here’s one Ode to badly remembered books.

I have just turned 60 but I still feel 22”. (The New York Times)

Intend to wear these with ankle jeans in cold weather.

The best in Japan Everyday Halloween costumessuch as “the girl started messing up but ended up with her phone” and “she booked a conference room but someone is there and now they’re actually checking that she’s booked before they hit.”

How amazing they are these portraits?!

Thanksgiving menu our wildest dream.

Wow, what a beautiful thing Airbnb.

They are English gardens even more magical in the fall?

I love these photos Reading around NYC. (New York Times)

Also, three comments from readers:

Amber says Libby DeLana’s beauty uniform: “Growing up in the middle of nowhere, my mom, dad, big sister and I used to go for walks every night, rain or shine or snow. Up the winding forest road, to a gravel forest service road or halfway down a neighbor’s long road. In the summer, the sun was too late to guide us; in winter we carried flashlights. Sometimes one of our family cats would meet in silence, leaning across trees parallel to the road. My mother and sister were power walkers, always taking the lead and working up a sweat. Dad and I dreamed and dreamed along the way, stopping to touch a fern or examine a mossy fence post. These are some of my favorite childhood memories, and when I grow up, walking is key to my happiness. My dad has been going there for seven years, and I feel connected to him on these walks. Even more special, I see it in my two-year-old, who likes to walk around the neighborhood and takes his sweet time, stopping to touch all the plants and rocks along the way. ”

Hannah says what you are proud of: “I sent this article to my mother and sister and forced them to post things they feel proud of. They clearly felt uncomfortable, but now our textstone is an explosion of love and to announce to each other and to ourselves. Now doing the same with my friends I’m in the group’s text threads, and it’s really the best today. I’d highly recommend it. “

LK on dio how to help a stoic child open up about feelings: “Math homework was very difficult for my teenage boy. At his request, I would sit next to him and ‘help’ him, and we would both get frustrated and angry. It was becoming a darker and darker place every day. Then came the Big Idea: we could curse — our mouths full, without consequences, without judgment — and when the math was done, we went back to our usual programming. We laughed so much, and it became a moment of light. The math is done at home, and the child is fine today. ”

(Photo thepurrstladies.)

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