IFixit Confirms iPhone 13’s Third-Party Face Recovery will break ID features

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If your iPhone 13 display is damaged and you need a repair, you may need to shell out a refund that Apple can repair. That’s because according to a report from iFixit, they’ve confirmed that installing the iPhone 13 display through third -party services severely breaks Face ID.

According to the website, they say it’s because of the large Tic-Tac microcontroller located at the bottom of the display. “The iPhone 13 is mounted on its screen using this tiny microcontroller, in a technological upgrade often referred to as‘ serialization. ‘ Apple has not provided a way for owners or independent stores to install a new page.

They note that since only official repair shops and technicians have access to specialized software they can use serial numbers. “Authorized technicians available in the special software, Apple Services Toolkit 2, can use new apps by installing the software on Apple’s cloud and matching phone and screen numbers.”

This means that even though you can get a new display from a third -party store, it will come at the cost of the ID card no longer working. Because repairing the first part is more expensive, this is bad news for buyers who expect they don’t have to go down the road, but unfortunately the team seems to have no choice. buy now.

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