iPhone X with USB-C Mod listed on eBay for $ 100,000

Many are wondering why even though Apple seems to be accepting USB-C for its computers and iPads, the iPhone is still using the company’s battery price. In fact, Apple seems to be more opposed to the idea even though the EU has suggested that they will push for devices that support a traditional branding design.

I mean, some of you may remember that recent engineer Ken Pillonel replace an iPhone X to be given a working USB-C port, and he seems to have done so ever since listed his creation on eBay so the top bid at this time of writing is in the $ 100,000 mark. According to Pillonel, he calls it the world’s first iPhone with a USB-C port, which we think he’s right about because Apple may be able to emulate iPhones with USB-C ports. you did not allow it.

According to the statement, “I’m sure the phone will work when you get it but if you don’t follow the guidelines mentioned above yourself. That means you can do whatever you want but don’t expect anything from me when you break something. It’s just an example. “

So with the $ 100,000 price tag, we’re not sure if it’s a serious offer or a joke since paying $ 100,000 is too much for the phone, but who knows, maybe in some cases collectors may be useful.

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