It turned out that the “Man with a jet pack” from LA from 2020 was a bubble

As the controller advised the pilot to be careful, he added, “Only in LA.”

In October 2020, another pilot announced that he had seen a “jet pack” apparently flying towards him. 6000 feet (1828 m), aduel seven miles (11 km) northwest of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Another observation was reported by a Boeing 747 pilot 5,000 feet above Los Angeles.

One of the key pieces of evidence was a video posted by NBC News this week, which clearly shows a floating object in the sky over Beverly Hills. These shots were taken by a police camera from a helicopter in November 2020 – about two after the second observation around Halloween.

Backpack manufacturers have been skeptical from the start

However, initial observations had attracted skepticism from personal jetrunners at the time. According to their assessment, existing jet backpack solutions usually do not have the fuel to hold a person up for more than a few minutes. This would mean that it is unlikely that there is a person who can take someone to the heights recorded by the pilots.

Former American Airlines captain Mark Weiss said that while it is unusual for balloons to get in the way of aircraft, this is unheard of and tends to be very frightening for pilots. As you would expect.

You may be wondering why highly skilled professionals as pilots can mistake something like a bubble for a human being. But remember that the pilots were not as close as other planes or witnesses who filmed him. They were simply diligent in their reports, as air targets could cause serious damage to aircraft if they deviated from busy flights.

“If you see him approaching you, you may have to make a sharp maneuver – and put passengers at risk,” he told the BBC. Balloons are usually harmless objects for aircraft, but can have some metal parts that, if sucked into the engine, can cause very serious damage.

After more than a year of investigation, The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) said no other eyewitnesses had been found who had actually seen the alleged “jetpack man”.

“The FAA is working closely with the FBI to investigate any reported sightings of a jet pack,” a spokesman said. “So far, none of these observations have been confirmed.”

“One working theory is that the pilots may have seen balloons,” the spokesman added.

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