Porsche’s Digital Twin helps predict when your car needs service

Do you know when your car needs service? Usually when you throw your car in for service, you will be given a day for your next service, or a mile to hit, that you have to give for service. However, these are just general guidelines and in some cases, your car may actually need service before that.

To help make the service more reliable, Porsche is modeling what they call a “digital twin” which is a custom replica of your car. Algorithms will be used that rely on data collected from your machines that can better predict when your vehicle will need to be serviced relative to your vehicle.

For example, if you are trying to push your car as far as possible and get on the road, you may need to first see the brakes. your car compared to other non -driving cars. It is also possible to spot defects in some areas before they actually occur, not only making the equipment easier to repair, but can also cause damage. save your time from suffering a crash on the road and be much safer.

The company plans to launch the digital twin in 2022, but they are currently experimenting with volunteers who own the Taycan. According to Porsche, not only will it be smarter to service your car and keep it safe, but it can also be used to more accurately assess the price of your car.

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