Project Runway Season 19, Episode 4 Summary: The Power of Flowers

It is a well-known truth that there are good flowers and there are bad flowers. To a large extent, yes, color prints are great, but they can quickly enter the territory of wallpaper and sofas if the designer is not careful. So, I got into this week Runway Project impatient but armed with a pair of figurative garden shears.

In episode 4, “The Power of Flowers”, the rest of our designers are asked to create their own floral fabrics, drawing inspiration from the installations of Louis Miller, an organizer behind the “color flash” in which the artist decorates Manhattan staples – trucks, stop signs, traffic lights, even trash cans – with popping colors. From the moment they see the piles of stems lined up throughout the study, the young hopefuls all scream with excitement, but only have an hour and a half to work with a graphic designer to make their print.

My girl Anna dives headfirst into the arts and crafts, dipping her colors in paint and stamping them on paper as Christina lies on the sidewalk, where Katie throws a bouquet in the air to photograph her in flight. Chantal chooses a checkerboard print as a background for her cascading petals; Katie draws a color palette from Proteus with spiked pillows. Sabrina tries something like a “deconstructed poppy”, while Chasity blends feminine pink and purple with the rough texture of leather and bushings.

And then, of course, there’s Darren. “SpongeBob is my brother,” he says, explaining his design inspiration: the doodle-like hippie flowers of Bikini Bottom. He doesn’t delve further into why this particular image haunts him, only that the design for SpongeBob is a “dream, man!” Even as I shake my head in bewilderment, there’s a part of me that definitely thinks, I mean, the same?

Darren is working hard on his Bikini Bottom print.

Well done

After the designers took a break and shared a few drops of green juice the next morning, they were taken back to the study, where they found special supplies wrapped in a package at their stations. Each of them received five yards of their own designed fabric, which – if you’ve ever tried one of those community-favorite fleece blankets, then you know – isn’t as good as it sounds.

Back on the hunt for clothes to gut, Christian is absolute no one this episode. As he leaps from table to table, he discovers new and ingenious ways to torture. Aaron’s yellow pastel shirt is “old St. John’s, which my mother took out of the trash.” Katie’s clown pants are “Doris Day goes to the mall.” Prajje’s print is a slightly sloping “sofa”, and Christina’s robe is “a lady with a bag in fashionable fabrics”. Finally, Christian reunites with his besieged admirer Darren, in time to inform him that the designer’s skirt looks appropriate for a certain type of woman in Palm Beach, “who drank too much and is now a little dizzy.”

“Maybe you like a drunk girl,” Christian offers as a compliment with his hand.

“I I am a drunk girl, ”Darren says with obvious pleasure.

“Maybe this is the challenge for you!”

Alas, we will return to this point later.

However, the interesting thing about Christian walking around the study in this episode is that he inadvertently caused the collapse of at least two designers. (To be clear, this is not Christian’s fault. His advice is correct execution of his advice is what causes his mentees to fall apart at the seams.) When he advises Katie to abandon her clown pants for a raised dress, she practically tears her fabric to pieces, trying to assemble a mini skirt that looks like crushed grocery bag. And when he worries that Sabrina’s empowering burqa jumpsuit shows too much emphasis on the crotch, she glues a huge skirt instead of tastefully adjusting her fabric.

“You make me nervous about din-dong down here,” Sabrina says of her vaginal print.

“Well, that’s not ding-dong!” Christian cries.

“Well, it’s not ding-dong. What’s the woman’s name? “

“I don’t know, girl, you’re making it up yourself.”

I proved my point.

By the time everyone reaches the track, it is already clear who will have a winning look and who is lost among the bright colors. Should we dive?

  • The first is the three-piece suit of Chantal, which features the least floral print from the group – still one of the more complex designs. Her model looks fantastic in a navy blue and lilac vest, jacket and pants, accentuated by small protrusions of yellow flowers.
  • The three-piece Aaron cut combines a pale yellow top shirt with a puff sleeve over a crop top and wide pants, all in a red floral frame. It’s workable, but it’s not inventive.
  • I’m obsessed with Anna and I’m afraid this may cloud my judgment, but I absolutely love her geometric monstrosity? There’s no way anyone can ever sit comfortably in an inverted triangle skirt that Anna sends down the track, but this is the track – who cares! The abstract white and maroon print is gorgeous, and the styling of her model is so chic. 10/10.
  • Bones sends a velvet-fitting skirt and a pink one-shoulder flower top, which is collected and then spilled into a cape at the back. Apparently, the cloak is taken off so you can “put it on your lap for dinner,” he says. (Of course, but why?) Nevertheless, the effect is wonderful, but it feels like something I can buy at Anthropologie.
  • Coral loves black, and her model is in a black blazer with a deep V and a transparent skirt, combined with cross hardware. This is a funky network of soft femininity and punk-rock details.
  • Chesiti makes the crossing even further with her chewing gum-colored fabric layered between the black straps of the flowing mini dress with puff sleeves. It’s a lot of a look, of course, but it’s not enough to cause some shock and awe. It’s messy, and Chasity knows it: “My appearance is not 100 percent me,” she says.
  • Despite almost every word that came out of his mouth, I find it impossible not to support Darren. His bright orange SpongeBob print is actually quite fun, albeit childish. Cut in a cropped jacket and a fluffy skirt to the middle of the thighs, his ensemble is “very Gossip, a lot The Carrie Diaries,“He says. I’m not sure I agree, but you do, Darren.
  • Next is Octavio, who finally amazed me with the movement of his dress with a gathered neckline. His model literally looks as if a cloud of smoke is coming out from behind her high-waisted skirt. The black and white pattern is unexpected for a floral challenge, but the impact is magnificent.
  • Sabrina definitely took a huge risk with her burqa-inspired bodysuit and detachable skirt. Only the print is a cacophony of pink and chartreuse colors, which could be a joy if it were not for the addition of the huge skirt.
  • I know it’s not to call Katie’s appearance immature, but her outfit looks like something a character would wear to Disney World. Between the pastel print, the huge sleeves, the giant bulging collar and the sad skirt with handles, everything is a bit of a disaster.
  • Oh, Praje, the designer of my dreams. His navy and red dress with a mermaid is my favorite look for the evening. Simple, clean, but eye-catching with its deep bodice and structured puff sleeves, it’s a look I could see on thousands of red carpets.
  • In perhaps the most ironic development of the night, Zaiden’s gaze, not Sabrina’s, ultimately looks like a vagina. (Only I see this ??) Maybe it’s the shocking pink color, but the way the model’s head sticks out from the top of the fabric oval looks exactly … it doesn’t matter. Zaiden likes it, so I’m happy for it!
  • Christina managed to save her appearance by transforming it from a silk robe into a liquid, elegant coat. Combined with the elegant, almost plastic fabric of the dress, this is a fun and fresh high-end outfit.
    project of the flower track, episode 1904 on the photo designed by Chantal Lacayo, photo by Barbara Nitkebravo

    Chantal’s plaid suit.

    Well done

    Guest Judge Gigi Hadid joins the commission this week and is helping to keep a few eyes open: Darren, Sabrina and Katie. She worries that Katie’s toothed collar looks like “craft felt” and that Darren’s silhouette is confusing. But Nina intervenes with the most biting remarks for the evening. She calls Katie’s dress “chaotic” and “tortured,” while she thinks Darren’s bikini print is an imitation of what it was before. All the judges agree that Sabrina’s body is a powerful idea that would have been implemented if the skirt and heels had been removed.

    On the other hand, they adore the looks of Prajje, Kristina and Shantall. Prajje’s is a classic, Christina’s has the best movement, but Chantal wins with her clever, clean interpretation of flowers on a brilliantly tailored suit.

    Finally, Darren is the one facing the cutting block. There have been difficulties since it first started in Runway Projectbut quickly became one of the most memorable characters with his candid remarks and cheeky flirtation. Of course, he refuses to leave the stage without winking at Christian one last time: “You will see much more than me,” he hints.

    Next week’s preview irritates the return of the drama – although hopefully nothing like what Meg caused in episode 2– and the appearance of some fans’ favorite skaters at the Winter Olympics. Let the games begin.

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