Skyrim and Soprano meme collide

do you remember This scene in soprano? You know, the one where Tony and Johnny Sack hang out in the snow and are about to go back to discuss murder over plates of lunch meat, when on the horizon comes the worst thing a gangster can see when he’s teaming up with one of them. Of the heads of the five families: rampage, Level 30 Frost Dragon?

If you don’t, it’s probably because it never aired. Or at least not on HBO. It’s the work of a YouTuber Bertinax, which has been plucked over the past year soprano Characters from their surroundings in New Jersey and their release in Bethesda landscapes – mostly Skyrim, but a little New Vegas, very. On his channel, you will see gangsters elusive white deer hunting and cash Noel Pub the people. You will see Tony in his dress, fleeing the NPCs on the streets of Whiterun. You’ll see comments like “Woke up this morning, got a sword. Mama always said you’d be Dragonborn.” For a very special kind of fan, it’s a great time to go online.

Pertinax (and his imitators) have the graphic writer’s knack for drawing two worlds into surreal contrast: their videos are playful, like theatrical crossovers. It’s also sly masterful, and it’s a neat encapsulation of how popular culture is metamorphosed in the 21st century. In a time when it is becoming increasingly impossible to separate cultural artifacts from the memes they generate – just think of the strange afterlife The SimpsonsSteamed Pork—The great universes are now canons in themselves. And they merge, forming a kind of multiverse that can only be achieved in an era when the show is this big. soprano It can be reduced to images that are circulating on the Internet.

Bertinax, who asked not to be identified, says his formula sopranoSkyrim The blending came while making Medieval 2 And total war rome “Experiment videos” or clips that summarize the games or some aspects of the games. He’s been sneaking memes and references into every video and was happy to see people in the comments calling out for them. This led him directly to soprano And his meme world of unfortunate misbehavior and lethal interiors. actors in The soprano them too Incredibly emotional, so it is easy to put into new scenarios; The Bethesda Games, full of engaging locations, were an obvious pairing.

The videos are easy to make, says Bertinax, but are time-consuming: “First come up with an idea, then hide the characters from the original scene, then record footage in Skyrim Fits the camera angles.

In many ways, what Pertinax does is not new. Machinima — movie production fans who were building into computer graphics engines in the ’90s — served as a prelude. As well as dozens of other online fan creations. Anastasia Denisova, lecturer at Westminster School of Media and Communication, says memes “thriving on remixes,” and in this sense they merge soprano And Skyrim This is no different from the “common mix of Hollywood and Broadway and the British Bantu.” Internet culture has always taken conflicting signals and mixed them into a fun kind of mess: it was only a matter of time before huge “verses” of “memes” collide.

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