Small lifeguards that can move giant vessels

Function is important, not size.

If you ever thought that these massive ships sailed alone through the narrowest canals and crowded ports, then you are wrong. In fact, giant ships are towed by tugs, as the name suggests, which are 1,000 times smaller than them; and it reminds us exactly what “function is important, not size” means again.

Tugboats, which can generate up to 3,400 horsepower, also help with other vessels that are unable to move or are disabled and unable to complete their route. Thanks to their system of rudders and nozzles, the tractors are extremely agile; they can quickly reach the crime scene when a fire breaks out at sea, for example.

Moreover, if one ship is too massive to handle only one tug, others can join in and work together in teams to move the ship through a canal or port. That’s not all we have to tell you about these little boys; watch the video above to learn more about them!

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