The new Panasonic battery has 6 times the power capacity

Electronic giant Panasonic has provided an update to the new 4680 battery it is developing for Tesla, through interview with Nikkei Asia.

The form factor of the 4680 battery was discovered for the first time on Tesla Battery Day event in September last year. During the event, Tesla said the 4680 battery would provide five times more power and six times more power. The battery cell is powered by a new anode that uses new silicon.

“Technological goals have been largely achieved”

Tesla has its own 4680 battery project, but is also looking for third parties like Panasonic to design and manufacture the battery to deploy it as soon as possible. In the interview with Nikkei Asia, Panasonic’s chief executive officer for batteries, Kazuo Tadanobu, said that “in terms of product development, the technological goals have been largely achieved.”

The CEO of the battery department also mentioned that the company is building a prototype production line. “We will try mass production and refine the process in Japan until it can be deployed quickly,” he said. He also said that although Tesla is a priority for the corporation based in Japan, he will not rule out working with other electric vehicle manufacturers in the future.

Tadanobu also gave an idea of ​​the solution behind the size of the cylindrical battery. “The 4680 was decided to be the optimal battery size after considering the costs, the balance of the vehicles themselves and other options provided by the cylindrical batteries,” he said.

Tesla 4680 battery can increase the range of the electric car by 16%

In October, Panasonic unveiled a prototype of the 4680 battery, together smaller cells of type 2170 and type 1865. at that time, InsideEVs reported that other manufacturers are also working on the 4680 type and can compete with Panasonic to get bulk orders from Tesla.

Now, thanks to an interview with Tadanobu, we know that Panasonic is specifically developing its 4680 battery at Tesla’s request and is in discussions with the pre-September electric car maker, which means it probably has an advantage over other companies. After entering mass production, tThe 4680 battery has the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of the electric car. Tesla claims it can increased the range of the electric car by approximately 16 percent. This could ensure the uptake of EV customers with a big boost at a time when countries are increasingly starting to phase out vehicles with internal combustion engines. prohibitions come into force in the relatively near future.

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