The real problem with “eternal”

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in all possible ways, Chloe Zhao eternity Unprecedented. It is the first movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Features a deaf hero (Micari Lauren Ridloff). Also the first to ever show a gay person (Brian Tyree Henry’s Phastos). Drenched in natural light (Zhao’s signature), it’s teeming with saviors — and villains — never before seen in the MCU. It also has the rare distinction of being first To be a Marvel movie corrupt certificate employment rotten tomatoes.

Sure, Rotten Tomatoes’ scores aren’t everything — and in an age where everyone is a critic (hey, Twitter), they only make up a small part of the entire public perception of any movie. But for a Marvel movie, a project literally designed to be entertaining for audiences, its score (currently) of 53 percent is low. It is also a sign of what happens when a movie or any movie is required to be all things to everyone. Furthermore, eternity It is an indication of the increasing pains inherent in moving the MCU forward.

People often associate conversations about moving things forward with diversity and changing Sharia. eternity He does, but the hiccups in the movie aren’t related to his cast and crew. or even pattern, which does not have the high-gloss sheen of many of its predecessors. Really, it’s about the story you’re trying to tell – and how much of a story has to fit into its 2 hours and 37 minutes running time.

the thing is, eternity It has no inclusion. Now in its fourth phase, the MCU is less dependent on the team’s big films building on every story that comes before it. Tony Stark doesn’t just waltz Spider-Man: Homecoming And everyone knows who he is. There aren’t a bunch of original story movies that lead to superhero movies like superheroes Avengers. In many ways, this works for Zhao: She was free to make her own movie and not get involved in making it “fit” with every other movie in the MCU. There is no large inscription in eternity, The Avengers and Thanos are mentioned in passing. But it also meant she had to do the equivalent of 10 independent films The Avengers: Endgame—All with heroes far less famous than Spidey. Her film also needed some on-set drama, so he spends a good portion of the time in the middle showing what is basically a full arc. Captain America: Civil War. That’s a lot.

Oddly enough, it’s in these earth-bound narrative undertones that the movie is at its best. Zhao enjoys crafting personal moments. But sometimes those moments feel disconnected from her eternity Many action scenes. This also means that her film has to do a lot of emotional work in short periods of time; Something that may have led to moments like Fastus crying over his historical involvement in the bombing of Hiroshima, a scene that was drawn some criticism. If two or three movie protagonists have had independent films prior to this, it’s easy to imagine Zhao eternity Being an almost thoughtful and touching journey. Instead, it’s a story that’s too heavy for anyone’s shoulders.

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