This $ 70 dress is the most fashionable thing I’ve seen at H&M

H&M always is a reliable source for affordable basic wardrobe products, but the brand can also make a tool modern piece, also Example: H&M’s latest collection called Innovation Co-Exist Story. Not only do the clothes and accessories look downright designer – especially the feathered orange dress – but there is more in the line than it looks at first glance.

“The Co-Exist Story Collection is 100% vegan and 100% PETA approved,” H&M explained on its website. “We have replaced materials that traditionally come from the animal kingdom with new innovations such as alternative goose down made from fodder wildflowers. The collection pays homage to the rebellious entertainment of the late 1990s.” Intrigued? That’s what I thought. Scroll down to shop for new revenue before it sells out.

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