Trufan raises $ 2 million in seed funding to reward Internet users

Trufan, an Ontario-based marketing startup, has raised an additional $ 2 million seed financing To extend surfing, a browser extension that rewards its users for surfing the net.

Investors like Currency Ventures, Magic Fund, founder Ryan Holmes Hootsuite, well-known founder Cody Ko, Cameo co-founder Devon Townsend and Shaw Communications CEO Brad Shaw took part in the round. That’s about $ 5 million in total funding raised by startups. Sabya Das, a partner at Moneta Ventures, referred to the round:

“I am delighted to be able to invest in Trufan once again in this round of funding as they bring the latest Surf product to market. The Swish, Aanikh and Trufan teams continue to build tools and products that enable the future of primary data for brands and consumers in a transparent and innovative way. The Moneta Ventures team has been constantly impressed with the execution and vision of Trufan’s leadership and we are particularly excited about the rapid growth of Surf ”.

Trufan was created with a mission to help brands and agents grow their audience, allowing fans to sell directly. Startups achieve this by gathering data from potential customers and existing ones, allowing companies to improve their marketing strategies while sharing a portion of profits. Swish Goswami, CEO of Trufan, said about this role:

“Trufan’s vision is to become a leading provider of high-fidelity data for brands, while redefining the role of consumers in the data economy. From our research, we understand that many consumers are fine with sharing their data if there is something for them, and that is what we want with Surf. Our browser extension modernizes the retrieval of brand data, giving users a fairer and more rewarding Internet experience. This has become an even bigger deal as the world moves away from cookies and the monitoring of major social platforms, increasing the importance of the former’s data. ”

While traditional marketing companies get billions from data collection without rewarding those who provide it. Trufan allows its users to take advantage of the multimarket that they allow to exist, creating a new economy where anyone can generate profits by sharing their data. The startup believes that by being transparent about its practices and returning to users, it can change the way data collection works on the Internet today.

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