Ahura AI guarantees $ 3 million to change how we learn new skills

Ahura AI, a San Francisco-based edtech startup, has closed for $ 3 million seed funding round to remain relevant to professionals as automation becomes the norm.

The round of over-subscription funding involved CP Ventures, 2.12 Ventures and other companies. Ahura AI has also announced that they have joined startup Alex Tsado and De Kai Wu as COOs and CTAs, respectively. De Kai referred to his appointment as saying:

“The focus of my work has always been to create tools to educate people to better understand each other in cultures and the world around them. Ahura AI is doing pioneering work in an untapped area, working unconsciously, and is basically creating a platform that helps people be more attentive, focused, and more purposeful.

Ahura AI was created in 2018 to make e-learning more effective and accessible through a single learning platform driven by AI. Startups work with companies to enable them to create a culture of skills learning, creating value for employees and employers while maintaining industrial competitiveness. Tsado said in this regard:

“We are living in unprecedented and urgent times. With the staffing crisis in 2030, I am pleased to join the pioneering Ahura AI team in re-imagining training so that it can have a lasting impact on the future. Ahura AI is leading professionals in their top fields to address this challenge and apply it to save people’s work and well-being ”.

The McKinsey Global Institute has announced that about 800 million jobs will be lost automation By 2030, and as a result, it has been a race to provide new skills to employees to stay competitive. By offering personalized online education, the startup aims to provide employees with a resource to acquire new skills to deal with what could be the greatest industrial revolution that humanity has ever seen.

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