Apple Silicon Mac Pro can be based on the M1 Max Chipset

When plans for Apple Silicon were announced, many wanted to know how Apple would use its high -end computers. In the past, Apple’s A-series specs have been known to compare them to lower-middle Intel PCs, so when the M1 was announced, it wasn’t a surprise.

But how does Apple handle high -end Macs, especially the Mac Pro? It looks like Apple could build the Mac Pro with a variant of the M1 Max chipset. According to a report The Notes (paywall) where they revealed that Apple is working on a project for the Mac Pro codenamed “Jade” that will be based on the M1 Max, but will feature two deaths instead of one .

For those unfamiliar, a lot of deaths on a hole means it can indicate the use of multiple teams. If you remember, earlier this year there were rumors of the Mac Pro can feature an Apple Silicon chipset with 40-cores, so in this case, the Apple Silicon chipset with a lot of dies on it is definitely worth it.

The report from The Information also suggests that this chipset will still be considered part of Apple’s first line of chipsets, and the company has already outlined their plans for the second and third. -gen chipsets.

Log in Apple >computer >Talatala. Read more about M1 ma Mac Pro. Source: arstechnica

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