Did you know that you can turn an old piston into a slingshot?

Using an old piston, you can also make this amazing slingshot.

The thongs are one of the oldest weapons once conceived by our species. They are also incredibly fun, if not dangerous.

But most tend not to have that extra great factor that comes with steampunk-style industrial design. Well, as it turns out, you can actually make the best slingshot ever made from an old piston.

Read on to find out how.

Source: DiesInEveryFilm Customs / YouTube

As you can imagine, you will need some tools and materials before you start.

But before we start building, be warned. Slingshots like this can be very powerful weapons and should be treated as such. Never, under any circumstances, shoot this slingshot at another person or live animal.

Necessary materials and equipment

  • Old piston
  • Rubber tube
  • Clamps for metal wire or pipes
  • acetone
  • Leather cuttings
  • Old ball bearings or shot

Once all the equipment and materials are ready, it’s time to move on to this great little construction.

Step 1: Make the main body of the slingshot

The first step, if this is no longer the case, is to remove the lower half of the piston bearing. It should be easy to remove after the bolts are removed.

You will then need to remove the main piston head to release the connecting rod of the main piston. This will form the main part of the slingshot. Do not discard the bolts, you will need them later.

make a slingshot out of a piston
Source: DiesInEveryFilm Customs / YouTube

To do this, tighten the piston in a vise and tap the piston pin that holds the head to the rod. After a little effort, it should be released so that you can remove it completely.

Step: Clean the piston rod

Then it’s time to clean the piston rod. To do this, take a little acetone and rub it thoroughly on the entire piston rod.

Take a hard or metal bristle brush and rub the piece all over the scrub. Dirt, dirt and carbon dots should easily disappear. Add extra acetone if necessary.

Make your own piston sling clean
Source: DiesInEveryFilm Customs / YouTube

Continue working with the piece until the clean, bare metal is exposed on all parts of the rod. When finished, clean the entire piece with an old cloth to remove excess acetone and dirt.

Step 3: Make a slingshot bag

Then take your skin and mark a small rectangle on it with a pen. It must be long enough to fit the width of the rest of the piston rod bearing.

Then, using a curved object, mark the curved edges of the rectangle and cut the piece free from the base skin.

Make your own piston skin for a sling
Source: DiesInEveryFilm Customs / YouTube

Align the skin with the plunger and mark the positions where the sling cord will need to pass from the skin to the main rod. After doing this, drill a hole through the points of the leather strap.

Then take the rubber tube and measure a length of about 12 inches. Cut the pipes as needed. Rinse and repeat to make a second rubber tube of equal length.

They will obviously form the main strings of the slingshot.

rubber tube for slingshot piston
Source: DiesInEveryFilm Customs / YouTube

Step 4: Assemble the slingshot

Then take the bolts from the piston bearing (did you keep them correctly?). Reattach them in their holes in the piston rod, leaving the threaded ends exposed at the “top” of the sling. You may need to use a ratchet to help you here, they can be quite stubborn.

Make your own sling bolts
Source: DiesInEveryFilm Customs / YouTube

After doing this, take the lengths of rubber tubes and press them on top of the exposed ends of each bolt. They must fit snugly and tightly to the bolts.

You will then need to attach them to the bolts using small tube clamps or metal wire. Make sure the rubber tubes are very firmly attached to the bolts as they will be subjected to a lot of stress when the slingshot is used.

do it yourself sling piston tubes
Source: DiesInEveryFilm Customs / YouTube

Step 6: Finish the slingshot and try it

Then take your leather strap and pass the free ends of the rubber tubes through the holes in the skin. This will obviously form the main bag for holding the projectile with a slingshot.

Leave a short length of rubber tube outside the skin and double them to wrap around the skin.

Make your own slingshot bag on the piston
Source: DiesInEveryFilm Customs / YouTube

As with the other end of the rubber tubes, secure them in place with pipe clamps or tightly wrapped metal wire. After doing so, give the slingshot a few test pulls to make sure the connections are secure. If not, tighten or tighten them.

Once you’re lucky, your brand new piston slingshot is almost ready to fire. Find something suitable for ammunition, such as old metal balls or marbles.

After doing this, set some targets and place them somewhere with a hard surface at the back to catch all the missed shots. Once you’re done, practice your sling skills in your spare time!

Happy Days.

If you liked this design and who wouldn’t, can you enjoy making a few more DIY weapons for your personal arsenal? How about, for example, working Nerf-style cardboard pistol?

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