End of spare tires? Eco-friendly steel tires can replace the tire

We have brought you here in the past various advanced and futuristic tires who had to impress with their ingenuity. However, one thing these tires have in common is that they are made of rubber.

Now, An Arizona-based startup called Global Air Cylinder Wheels (GACW) has developed a new type of tire that avoids the need for a contaminating tire. It is called an air suspension wheel (ASW) and comes with the kind assistance of serial inventor and structural dynamic engineer Dr. Zoltan Kemeni.

It consists of a mechanical wheel, mainly made of steel, equipped with pneumatic suspension in the wheel through cylinders and even better is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. This is because it has the same life as the associated vehicle.

Once the vehicle’s time is up, the ASW tire can be recovered or fully recycled. This is an option that rubber tires simply do not offer.

One area where this type of tire can be extremely useful is off-road (OTR).

OTR tires are solid tires found in agriculture and construction machinery. These tires are used in terrain that has a lot of wear. They are also quite expensive: they sometimes cost $ 75,000 each for a life of just six to nine months.

“It’s a big expense for a product that doesn’t last,” GACW said he said Gasoline.

Here the ASW tire comes extremely comfortable. It provides a long-lasting and durable option for agricultural and construction vehicles that do not need to be replaced throughout the life of the vehicle.

But don’t let the company’s interest in the OTR market fool you. ASW technology can be applied to all vehicles that currently use traditional rubber tires. And that’s something GACW plans to take advantage of.

“At this stage, our plan is to expand our distribution network and really start to take over the tire industry,” the company concludes.

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