I always come back with the best 26 skin care products (and I try 1000s!)

My superficial journey has made it hell and turn. When I was growing up, I had severe acne and never put on sunscreen (I didn’t even think I had any face sunscreen), so I was left with acne scars in my late teens and early 20s, sun damage, enlarged pores and combined skin. Naively, it seemed to me that covering my face with makeup would hide my skin problems, which made it worse. No one told me that the secret to flawless makeup was healthy skin. By the time I turned 21, I had finally learned the basics along with the best skin care products you need to complete a strong skin care routine: cleanser, retinol, vitamin C, and moisturizer / SPF.

There is no denying that our 20 years can be an uncomfortable time for the skin. Many of us at this age (myself included) still suffer from regular acne while trying to correct the sun’s damage and prevent the signs of aging, which is a lot! The a combination of retinol and vitamin C. it’s a great option because it covers prevention and correction; just be sure to seal it with a moisturizer and of course wear sunscreen! For me, starting with a small skin care routine, then it was an achievement to overcome the 14-step approach that was popular at the time. St. As someone who thought Ives was skin care, the four essentials helped me create the right foundation and what my skin gave me. really necessary. After integrating these four key products inside me skin care routine, I started putting on toners, exfoliants, promoters and moisturizers.

If you have acne-prone skin, toners and exfoliants are amazing for keeping your oil level balanced, while reducing the appearance of pores. I will also say that it was one of the biggest game changes on my skin a change of lifestyle. After cutting gluten, cutting dairy, limiting alcohol, increasing water consumption, and making sure I got enough sleep, my acne disappeared and my skin became much younger and more refreshed. (* Editor’s note: Please check with your health care provider or doctor before making any major dietary changes, but this is what worked for me.)

At 28, I finally feel good on my skin and my goal is the same: to correct and prevent, improving texture and tone. The nature of my work has allowed me to test 1,000 brands and products for skin care, so I decided to manage the best of the best (in my opinion!). So keep reading to the last drop of the skin care products I tighten and scratch.

* Please note that although I list these products that I use here, you should definitely not buy them all. When it comes to skin care, all you need is a quality cleanser, toner / serum, moisturizer and sunscreen, that’s it! And for me, investing everything in quality rather than quantity.

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