Scientists test tardigrades for stress

Tardigrades are cute little bastards who have managed to survive in some of the most extreme environments known to man. These adorable little creatures were fired from a pistol, frozen almost to absolute zero and exposed to the cosmic vacuum for ten days.

Scientists know they are very hard. What they still don’t understand is how they do it. That is why they have now embarked on two new experiments on the tardigrad, which see the creatures sent back into space and deep into the lagoon. Scientists will then be able to compare how tardigrades cope with these two extreme environments.

Deep in the lagoon, the tardigrades begin to feel the weight of the added pressure. After about 12 hours, scientists report that the creatures are much slower and shrink slightly. Obviously, their pressure is reflected.

What tests do scientists conduct after that? What tests are conducted in space? How do tardigrades react to the cosmic environment? Does everyone experience these extremes? This video answers all these questions and more and offers you footage from tardigrady in these extreme environments.

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