SwiftKey now allows users to copy and paste between Windows and Android devices

The advantage of buying into the Apple Ecosystem is that it has great features like Handoff and Universal Clipboard, the latter of which allows you to copy and paste from an iPhone or iPad to on the Mac and vice versa.

To be fair, since Android and Windows are made by different companies, we can’t expect the same level of integration, but that won’t happen again when you use SwiftKey. In a recent update to the app, Microsoft has now allowed users to copy and paste text between their Windows computer and their Android device.

This means that if you are working on your phone or computer and need to download it to another device, you can copy the text and paste it into another. machine. You need to sign in to your Microsoft account on your computer and for SwiftKey, so if you don’t have an account, you should probably go get someone to use this.

Of course, there are ways to use this feature such as using Gmail to create your emails, which allows you to save and edit your photos on another device, or use them. Google Docs to coordinate what you’re doing, but if for whatever reason you need to copy and paste it between your phone and a Windows PC, this is one way to go there.

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