The concert of Travis Scott Astroworld Stampede Leaves 8 Dead

Update: On Saturday afternoon, Travis Scott released a statement on social media that read: “I am absolutely devastated by what happened last night. My prayers are to the families and all those affected by what happened at the Astroworld festival. ”

Scott added that he fully supports the Houston police investigation.

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On Friday night, the first day of the Astroworld Festival in Houston, 50,000 people performed Travis Scott’s sold-out show. Around 9 p.m., a scuffle broke out, pushing people toward the stage, TMZ reports. In the ensuing panic, eight people were killed and more than 300 fans were injured. Eleven people were reportedly arrested and taken to hospital, while most of the injured were transferred to a nearby field hospital.

Houston Fire Chief Samuel Pena held a press conference billboard reports, saying the panic began when people rushed to the stage.

“People started falling and fainting, and that created further panic,” he added. The event offered a medical tent, but the fire department intervened as their staff and resources were overloaded. A reunion center has been set up at a nearby hotel for families and friends separated during the disaster.

Footage taken by concert goers show the extreme chaos of the event as some ambulance crews tried to pull people out of the scene while the concert continued. A woman named Madeleine said TMZ she is a nurse who turned out to be one of the first people to pass out during the lubrication.

“I fainted from the constant pressure on my chest and I was one of the first people to be worn,” she said. “They threw me at other people and the crowd took me to other people who lifted me over a fence where the guards were waiting.

The nurse added that the guards continued to move people who appeared unconscious in the VIP area while Scott’s performance continued. When she recovered, she began providing first aid to other victims.

The second day of Travis Scott’s performances was canceled, and the festival itself offered a statement on Instagram.

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“Our hearts are with the Astroworld family tonight – especially those we lost and their loved ones,” it said. “We are focused on supporting local employees as much as we can. With this in mind, the festival will no longer be held on Saturday. As the authorities mentioned at their press conference earlier, they are considering the series of cardiac arrests that have taken place. If you have any relevant information about this, please contact @HoustonPolice. We thank our partners at the Houston Police Department, Fire Department and NRG Park for their response and support.

This was Astroworld’s third year in Houston. They had successful events in 2018 and 2019 and then paused in 2020 due to a coronavirus. Travis Scott brought Drake as a surprise guest during his set and was accompanied to Houston by Kylie Jenner and their daughter Stormy. TMZ says the Toronto rapper and Scott’s family are safe after watching the concert out of the crowd.

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