The Successor of the Nintendo Switch may not be coming anytime soon

Given the record of comfort companies, it should be expected that every few years or so, a new comfort will emerge. Nintendo itself has been making various consoles over the years, so let’s assume that the Switch isn’t the company’s ultimate consoles and there may be a model. new family to cards.

However, it seems that gamers who are interested in seeing what Nintendo has planned for the future may have to wait for a while. This corresponds to Recent Nintendo Q&A financial statements which when asked about Nintendo’s next-gen device, the company’s president Shuntaro Furukawa’s response suggested it was too early to tell.

Furukawa said, “In the next gen, we’re not saying that right now. We’re still having internal discussions on ideas, time and so on and discussing everything. This statement suggests that nothing Nintendo developed, if they do, is still in place in the very beginning.

Furukawa also said Change is now in the middle of his life, which means it may be several years before the company changes. That said, we have to consider whether between the company will open a improve the pattern that has been heard for some time, if this Model Change upgrade can actually be the company’s next device.

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