How Boston Dynamics robot dogs are used in real-world scenarios

They are often used to inspect hazardous industrial sites.

Everyone knows the Boston Dynamics as the team that builds robot dogs admired all over the world. Dogs known as Spot are able to open doors, play on extraction, and even dances like Mick Jagger – It’s all fantastically stupid and fun.

In this video, however, we see how the bots are used well in an Austrian hydroelectric plant. What are they doing? Well, checks, of course.

At full capacity, 150 tons of water are processed from the tank up to the plant every second, which means that any fault in the system can be catastrophic.

Robot dogs are equipped with cameras that allow them to inspect the numerous characteristics of the plant. In fact, the entire plant is controlled remotely. It is switched on and off by a control center about half an hour away by car, where the staff controls twenty other plants.

No one works in these hydroelectric plants, but they still need to be tested daily to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Here come the Boston Dynamics robot dogs.

How engineers program these robot dogs? What tasks do they take on? How do they get to and from the hydropower plants? What do they do if they really find something wrong? This video answers all these questions and more by showing you footage of the robots in action.

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