Salt Bay’s Next Great Law? endless content

So the gold-wrapped steak can then be used as a dividing line between us and them. On September 26, when someone tweet receipt Showing that someone else had apparently spent $2,400 at the restaurant, the internet went into a frenzy, with the tweet gaining nearly 25,000 likes (the authenticity of the receipt was never confirmed). Since then, many other Nasr ET receipts (maybe fake but no one seems to care) Headlines are born; Someone pretended to appear $49,000 bill.

The whole thing is a winning formula for clicks, almost as profitable as a file 67 dollar cappuccino.

However, Salt Bae not only provides content for journalists; It’s all about creating content for their clients. In the past few weeks, if you’ve ordered a steak at Salt Bae’s London, it came with a hefty portion of the man himself, who’d been generously sprinkling salt in front of you and even the steak dangling right in your mouth. If a customer goes to a Salt Bae and doesn’t picture them cutting steaks, has it been sliced?

“He’s always ready to do a camera show,” says Makis Arghandiwal, a 24-year-old refugee resettlement volunteer from San Francisco who’s always been at the Salt Bay restaurant in Istanbul. Arghandewal once stayed at the same hotel with Salt Bae and interrupted his gym session to shoot a video. “He was more than happy with that,” she explains. “He’s really patient and understands people’s needs for social media content.”

Arghandewal has a TikTok account, Tweet embed, which has amassed 37,700 followers by posting 31 videos, seven of which feature Salt Bae. she has Most popular video of all time— A video of Salt Bae (do otherwise) cutting a golden steak — has 13.4 million views, while videos without Salt Bae yield less than 600. “Salt Bae definitely attracts crowds,” she says. Argandiwall. “It’s gold for social media.”

Arghandiwal describes Nusr-Et Istanbul as having a “very trendy vibe” with staff who “understood that most people were there to take pictures of the food”. The second time she visited the waiter noticed she was in the bathroom when the first dish was brought, so he brought another appetizer dish and he assembled and sliced ​​it in front of her so she could get a video.

Everything was built, then, with social media in mind – the next natural step Restaurants decorated for very online, where Listings are only available via QR code. Salt Bay, who has 39.8 million followers on Instagram and owes his notoriety internationally to social media, clearly understands the power of the internet (although it may be an exaggeration to call him a mentor, given that another Chetek posts videos of himself saying”cappuccino“In a long-running way.) This is a guy who shoots and shares every headline about him on his Instagram stories, even the ones you criticize. How much does he pay his employees?. Salt Bae seems to know that all publicity is good publicity.

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