The 10 best shoes to wear with tight jeans in cold weather

Whether you have to dig through the back of your wardrobe to find them, or rotate them constantly, your favorite tight jeans are about to become your favorite essentially. With bulky outerwear, such as puffs and faux leather coats, which are in trend, skinny jeans are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. We could express poetry about thin denim, but we have the feeling that you already know and love it.

Which brings us to our next topic: shoes. We fully believe that the key to your skinny jeans reaching their full potential is the shoes you wear with them. And since we are already very much in the winter, you need shoes that are not only stylish, but also practical and warm enough to spend you even on the coldest and wettest days. Ankle boots can be difficult with thin jeans (to retract or not?), So we dared to find 10 pairs of cozy, suitable for winter boots (including ankle styles), sneakers and heels to wear with your favorite skinny jeans.

Keep scrolling to shop for shoes that will make your skinny jeans look incredibly stylish this winter, along with specific pairs of jeans to wear with them if you’re so inclined.

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