The concept of a hydrofoil ferry can electrify the global ferry industry

Based in California launch of Boundary Layer Technologies developed a concept for an electric hydrofoil called Hytra, which can significantly increase the speed and range of existing electric ferries and change the way we do travel seaside town.

The ship can sail at a speed of 40 knots and has a range of up to 100 nautical miles. This speed and range are possible thanks to a propulsion system that makes the ship glide smoothly over the waves.

„ХYdrofoil technology is the key to electrifying passenger ferries. By halving the ship’s drag, power requirements are also halved, which increases the speed and range of what the electric ferry can do. This opens the door to electrification of most ferry routes around the world, “said Ed Kearney, CEO of Boundary Layer Technologies. he said designboom.

The startup’s website boasts that the ferry concept makes it the fastest and longest-running vehicle of its kind in the world, describing its technology as an advanced hydrofoil that drastically reduces hydrodynamic drag. This, says Boundary Layer Technologies, allows the high-speed electric ferry to increase its range to 100 NM.

Electra comes with batteries with a capacity of 9000kWH, which can be fully charged in less than three hours. In addition, they are extremely quiet, reducing cabin noise by up to 20 db compared to conventional ferries. Thanks to the hyrdofoil technology, the ferry can handle the broken water, which leads to a smooth journey even in stormy sea conditions.

Electra’s electrical system is also quite cost effective. The ferry can carry 150 people and is 35% cheaper to operate than fossil fuel ferries. It does not matter that the design of the ferry is also suitably futuristic.

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