30 gifts that are so good that you will want them for yourself

Do not get me wrong. I love gift giving. The process of finding the perfect gift for this friend who is so picky, or for this parent who always tells you they don’t need anything, or for a partner you want to surprise – I don’t find any cumbersome at all. In fact, tracking these special items is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season!

But the disadvantage of process of receiving a gift that I inevitably want to buy things for myself. I often buy one thing for a friend and then take the same for myself if I can’t stop thinking about it – in a different color or style, of course. I really can’t help it. But hey, if I’m obsessed with them, I hope my gifts are well received by my friends and family.

To help you get started gift shopping this year I made a list that I kept for my loved ones (and maybe for myself). Take a look below.

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