Ariana Grande tells us everything you need to know about her new beauty brand rem

To feel more comfortable during a presentation, people often offer to imagine the audience in their underwear or take a powerful position. Ariana Grande as she picked up the new shades from her beauty brand rem, there is a different method: she announces that she will make a sample while posing for actress Jennifer Coolidge. “This one’s called Boca Mocha,” she says in a perfect Coolidge voice as she runs a finger with the chocolate-brown eye shadow on her hand, “because it has a nice warm hue.” Grande is right – so right make everything more comfortable.

The singer has a lot of nervous energy to erase while launching her new brand. In fact, she was the first person to call Zoom to discuss Rem, “I was too excited,” Grande explains. “It simply came to our notice then. I was the first person here to speak on the wall. I smile so hard. My teeth hurt. I am so proud and grateful and this is such a special moment for the Rem team and me. ”

Rem is a beauty is Grande’s baby: the project has been pregnant for two years and will finally start on Friday, November 12th. The brand’s first drop, called “Chapter One”, includes highlighters, false eyelashes, eyeliner pencils and markers, a eyeshadow palette, liquid eye shadows and lipsticks that are vegan and cruelty-free. And for “Chapter Two”, Grande said that a possible foundation and concealer may or may not work.

Below, according to Grande, here is every detail you need to know about the launch of rem beauty.

At first, Grande was anxious to enter the world of beauty

“I was nervous about it [starting r.e.m.] because I never want to just jump into something that’s popular. You have to feel super deliberate and super nourished by passion. It must seem super authentic to me. So let’s experiment, let’s dig deeper and play with some products. There are so many different versions to tell this makeup story and these formulas are so inspiring. We can bring our own version of this into the beauty space, and I’m so excited. “

All products are tested worldwide

“We did the show and finished the tour and we were able to test the accent on stage and then take notes on the formula. It was such a long way … to go into the labs and try everything and come up with names. ”

The voice is another Rem test site

“I wore all these products The voice. I wear them all the time at work. I wear them on TV. I always wear the marker and the lip. And everyone asks, ‘What are you wearing?’ And I’m like, I don’t know, so it’s exciting that I can finally say [r.e.m. beauty]. It was really great to test them secretly and watch them on TV. ”

The brand is named after a favorite song she has made

“I decided to call it rem because I feel that this song really covers a lot of my favorite parts of my sound. And also REM fast eye movement: focusing on dreams and focusing on eyes and eyes is kind of our best way to articulate – sometimes better than you can with words. ”


Creating a beauty line and creating music have many parallels for the singer

“The obvious answer is that the music and the make-up are incredibly different. They are so polarized, so opposite, but the way they help each other come to life is unspoken and right here in front of our faces. I have the feeling that a lot of my music comes to life more when we shoot the video, which is accompanied by makeup. I’m so grateful for that, because they’re both completely different ways of telling stories, but they hold hands in a strange way. When writing a song – spend time with the pre-chorus to make sure the notes put the hook in the right way or that the harmonies don’t fight the background bells or strings and that it’s all complementary – it’s the same process as assembling these formulas and the assurance that each note is perfect. Even though they are so different, they feel so similar because it’s the same meticulous spending time with formula and the formula is in music. ”

Her love for makeup comes from her mother

“I was probably in my mother’s closet and using her black eyeliner. My mother loves black eyeliner. She wears only black. Her whole closet is like fields of black cloth and shoulder pads, and you are like, “Where am I? What is happening? Are you Cersei Lannister? I do not understand. But I used my mother’s black eyeliner and I wanted to look like a Spice Girl. Besides, my mother is great on Halloween and Gothic, and in mid-July she painted me like a skeleton. This is early. Everyone says, “Oh, your family loves Halloween.” I say to myself, “It was summer. It was my third birthday. Just kidding. But I’m not. “

Babydoll eye shadow palette


Layout of a palette with shadows.

rem beauty

On the package: “I wanted to make sure everything looked like a bulwark Star Trek or Black mirror. I wanted to treat it like Apple or Tesla and not treat it like makeup because I’m obsessed with vintage sci-fi space horror stuff. I wanted to create my own world with packaging. ”

In the name: “My grandfather called me ‘baby doll,’ and my grandmother called me that, and it’s on my finger.” This is the most personal name with warm and neutral delicious tones. The other palette is called “Principessa” [princess in Italian] and “Midnight Breakfast.”


On the package: “I’m obsessed with this packaging in a way I don’t even know how to put it. This is our little space pod alien man. This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I like that you can peek and see the colors. I like that it’s spacious and fun and it’s very soft and smooth. ”

According to the formula: “It’s super mattifying, but also super creamy and hydrating at the same time. This one is available in six shades, which is very exciting, but there will be more. We start with six and they are all really strong and beautiful. ”

Lip glosses with collar

“The glosses are available in nine shades and all the names are somehow nostalgic like the 90’s: messages for far, jelly sandals and runny nose. It was like pulling for things that make us feel warm and nostalgic because it makes me happy. This aroma is like vanilla, mint, delicious, delicious aroma and is super dense. I have to say that this is one of my favorite glosses I’ve seen in my life. Round was very important to me because I just remember being in high school and having lip poison.

Extremely important shine

Of the product: “These are my top three favorite things in Chapter One. This is just the perfect clear top coat. It’s so from the 90’s, like there’s no color, there’s nothing, perfect there. And it has the most delicious warm vanilla scent and it has the same pumping feeling, but it’s a separate thing because that’s how necessary it is for the lips. ”

great beauty ariana rem


How to wear it: “My favorite thing to do is to pair this with my other favorites from the first chapter. First, the practically permanent lip marker. It’s like a stain. I love spots. I’ve always loved stains more than a lip liner or lipstick because I feel like it will be there for you. You know, we have to go, we have to work, we have to do things. Besides, it doesn’t move. My favorite combination is the lip gloss marker. I love it and I wear it now. ”

Interstellar Highlight Topper

“We made 10 shades and named them on most of the planets in the solar system. We wanted to create them to have range, but also to create a fun look on the eyes, but you can use them wherever there are not only accents. I like the way it feels and it’s super pigmented. ”

Spiral for volume

“I wanted to start with two [mascaras]. It was a big debate because the mascara is so important and so personal. I wanted to start with two – one that is more lengthening and clean, which separates the lashes. But another that is more dramatic is that. And I love him very much. And I hope you do too. ”

Dream lashes

“I am happy to tell you that these are artificial mink. So far, they are available in two styles. They are called “Eternal Meow” and “Grow and Show Up.”

At the border marker for eyeliner

“I love this marker because it’s super precise and I like that you can make the perfect little simple cat’s eye with it, but also just create more graphic looks with it because it’s so sharp and precise, thin and flexible. I love this border marker, a little bow to my song “Borderline”. We have three colors: “Midnight Black”, “Teddy Bear” (brown) and “So Mod”, which is white. It’s like super, super white, because a lot of my inspiration is from ’60s fashion: Tuigi, Barbarella, stuff like that. You can create more graphics, vintage stuff or just use them on your waterline. “

Midnight liquid shadows

“We have a few matte shades and then a few super metallic shiny shades. The coverage for them is really, really crazy. They are super pigmented. I feel like sometimes I can just wear them without a base or something because the coverage is so crazy. ”

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