Ariana Grande wore high platform heels with a mini dress

Ariana Grande is a woman with many talents, from hitting tons of whistles to writing songs that literally anyone can go down to. * Plays “Positions” when repeated. * Another of her less underrated talents is walking – not to mention singing and dancing – with heels in which any normal person would break their ankle (s). However, her latest pair is perhaps “7 Rings”, the most impressive artist so far.

Last week while we were filming an episode of The evening show starring Jimmy Fallon,, Grande wore a pair of shiny pink and white platforms which had to be at least seven inches high. The heels, which were fastened with ankle straps decorated with the designer’s GCDS logo, debuted for the first time at the S / S 22 exhibition on the track in Milan. With them she wore a personalized mini dress inspired by mussels, which included a separate top of a strapless bra and a corset waist, oversize blazer, and a choker with a pink pendant with a diamond with a tear. Try to “Imagine” a better look – we’ll wait.

Keep scrolling to see the whole look of Grande and maybe try a pair of high heels yourself.

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