Electric motorcycle manufacturer just added 22 miles with a simple battery upgrade

Although Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, may be credited with bringing electric vehicles into vogue, a series of gradual innovations and improvements will be needed to make electric transport the norm in the future. One such small but important upgrade came from the stables of California-based Zero Motorcycles. By changing the design of the batteries, the company increased the capacity of its batteries by as much as 20 percent, while significantly reducing its weight by as much as six pounds (2.7 kg), Popular science reported.

While cars are in the spotlight when it comes to electric vehicles as a cheaper option to own and operate, motorcycles are also a great way to adopt a greener mode of transportation. Lighter in weight, motorcycles can offer greater range and less charging frequency, making them comfortable for consumers as well. While we wait for giant jumps to be made battery technology, Zero Motorcycles uses a small innovation to increase its battery capacity.

Zero packed its lithium-ion battery in an aluminum and polycarbonate frame. Consisting of 56 cells that are about half an inch thick, the battery pack fits well on its new motorcycle models, SR, SR / F and SR / S. However, the aluminum in the frame is not only for style, but also acts as a passive radiator.

Consumers of electric vehicles are on fire faster chargers to minimize the waiting time between uses. But faster charging also generates extra heat. In addition, batteries generate heat during discharge, so Zero uses the conductive nature of aluminum to dissipate heat away from the battery. To help it dissipate heat more actively, there are two battery fans that can run even when the engine is stationary and charging, the company said. Popular science.

Overall, the battery capacity has been increased by 20 percent, but the company expects its motorcycle range to increase by about 16 percent due to the inefficiency of the electric drive.

With these small achievements, the company was able to pack larger batteries for its new bikes, which virtually doubled the range of its bikes while reducing charging time. With software upgrades in the planning process, Zero strives to further increase the range of its bikes to make electric motorcycles a seamless experience.

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