Huckleberry raises $ 12.5 million to address children’s sleep problems

Huckleberry, a healthcare startup based in Irvine, has raised $12.5 million A series of funding to combine data science, pediatric sleep experience and AI.

The financing round was led by Morningside Ventures, with the participation of existing investors such as Spero Ventures and Tamarisc VC. With this capital, Huckleberry has raised $ 16 million to develop its new health and wellness app. Stephen Bruso, VC of Morningside Ventures, mentioned the company’s participation in the round:

“Huckleberry has shown that the combination of pediatric specialization applied to machine learning and childhood development creates simple and effective tools that positively affect both children and caregivers. , as they continue to scale and expand their platform ”.

As a personal experience created in 2017 by Dr. Jessica Toh and Dr. Seng Toh, Huckleberry aims to provide parents with an easier and more accessible way to understand their child’s specific sleep patterns. Thus, the launch saves its users thousands of dollars in sleep counselors by providing personalized and scientific strategies for children to sleep better. Jessica Toh, currently as Huckleberry’s CEO, said in this regard:

“The well-being of the family can generally be seen as a domino line. First, a curly, tired child, then an outing, a busy parent who loses himself, and then an aggravated situation, with a cycle of emotional fatigue and relationships and work stress. By helping us sleep and spreading the word about how we help our parents, we can break the chain reaction. ”

With 25% to 50% of children suffering from a sleep problem, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, Huckleberry believes it can help address the problem by bringing together the latest developments. machine learning and pediatric specialization. Now, the startup has served more than 1.2 million families in 179 countries.

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