Jared Leto is wearing a full disco suit

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Robert Smith

Jared Leto

Gucci’s big week continued: a few days after the closure of Hollywood Boulevard for one instant classic track show, the brand brought together the city’s leading lights for the “art and film” section of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. There was a lot of Gucci flying – and much of it was feathered, shiny and flaming. Like this disco costume, worn to absolute perfection by Jared Leto, who walked the show on the track …

Robert Smith

Lil Nas X

… And this slightly larger version of Big Bird, expertly shaken by Lil Nas X.

Lorenzo Palizzolo

Wes Anderson

of Wes The French dispatch The press tour continues, which means one thing: much more deadly fuzzy costumes.

Gonzalo Moroccan

The Kudi kid

When making the premiere of your own documentary, it’s worth dressing ambitiously.

Robert Smith

Jake Gyllenhaal

of Gyllenhaal year on louche suit continues.

Jamie McCarthy

Kayland Morris

What does Chanel’s iconic tweed look like when translated into men’s clothing? It looks like that.

Axel / Bauer-Griffin

Tyler, the Creator

As everyone else at Gucci’s party shook a black tie, Tyler was a full Tyler in a black down jacket.

The best griffin

Jaden Michael

The young actor, who now plays Colin Copernicus on Netflix, now dresses like an experienced professional.


Liev Schreiber

We count the scooter as an accessory.

Adam Pantoci

Kai Jones

Petinch’s inner seam hits the NBA tunnel.

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