Michael Rapaport is the king of cashmere

His fashion idol, he added, is Colombo. You know, Peter Falk. That would be the only thing. And my wife, “he said, who helped him” dress more my age. ” When asked about other brands he likes, he checked the name of Lululemon’s men’s training clothes.

“Another thing I’ve always liked is cashmere,” he said. “Cashmere sweaters, cashmere hoods, cashmere tracksuits. Again, I know this is not something anyone could afford, but I took my first cashmere sweater 12 years ago and it is still in perfect condition because [of] the amount of money I spent on it. It never fucked up. I treat him well. I respect him. And you know, when it’s not cashmere season, I pick it up. I call myself the King of Cashmere.

How much money are we talking about here for this sweater? “$ 900,” he said, which costs about $ 75 a year for each year since he bought it. “I’m already winning.” Where did he get this piece from? “The brand’s name is, um, I can’t pronounce it. I have to say it. This is italian: MOSCHINO. (Pronounced ‘Moh-ski“No” for those wondering at home.)

Rapaport’s fanaticism for The Row is combined with some hidden luxury news from last weekend: behind-the-scenes photos of The Search for Oscar Isaac Scenes from marriage, designed by the client Miyako Belitsi. These outfits, like Olsens clothing, are based on 90s designs by Yoji Yamamoto, Ray Kawakubo and Martin Margiela as Hermes women’s clothing designer. Rapaport said he had not seen the images, although he agreed that there may be something like a new elegance that thrives on celebrity fashion.

“There has to be,” he said, “because the way people dress in all these crazy colors and all that, they have cartoon emblems and all that, they look crazy. When you are younger, you can wear whatever you want. I’m 51, but, you know, that’s it never it was my thing. But I think people need to reduce it a bit. They needed it. “It was a clear and final end to the conversation – like The Row’s cashmere sweater, so to speak. But a few days later, he realized he could offer even more praise.” I love The Row playlist, too. ” , he wrote early Saturday night, referring to the brand’s monthly playlists on Spotify. “I’m really up for this life in Rowe.”

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