Numerous benefits of shady tones for a deep and restful sleep

I have a confession to make: I’m asleep. But it wasn’t always like that. After a sound of sleep all my life — yes, as soon as my head hit the pillow, they were sweet dreams — I experienced an insomnia when my second child was five months old. It was incredibly frustrating to see my baby sleeping through the night while I stared at the ceiling at 2:00. Not surprisingly, anxiety points along with this period of insomnia, which caused a cycle of anxiety, which, you think, worsened the insomnia. Suppose, I was bored, nervous, and depressed, not to mention looking for solutions to replace my restless nights with restful sleepiness. So I embarked on a welfare mission in search of answers, talking about sleep with anyone and everyone, reading books, listening to podcasts, and yes, watching my doctor. You can read all about some of the things I’ve done to get a good night, but there was one that was a complete change of game for me. So let’s talk about the many benefits of shaded tones.

I was already embarking on a whole bedroom change and shadow tones they were at the top of my list, and I knew very little about adding that motorized option it would become one of the favorite parts of our bedroom. At the push of a button, I can make the bedroom completely dark to sleep in, and flooded with light in the morning. As you know, I collaborated Graber the team for me #EtxeaCamille reno and they really helped me nail it window treatments all over our house. Until now I never thought about looking for custom blinds or covers, but I have become aware of that. Their online “viewer” window treatments allow you to almost test your space IRL expert it walks you through the process from start to finish; it’s such a smooth process and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. But let’s get to the best part: my custom motorized extinguisher shades.

So why turn off the shadows? I hear you ask

Well, the main function of shaded tones is to block light. If you struggle with sleep, science says that creating a dark room is essential to securing these elusive Zs. Light is the most important external factor it causes you to be ready to sleep. Unfortunately, ours circadian rhythm controlling our natural sleep-wake cycle — signs of feeling awake during the day and falling asleep at night — is eliminating backlit screens, electronics, and other light pollution in our lives.

According to the Sleep Foundation, darkness indicates a sign of pineal gland production melatonin—Hormone derived from serotonin, which promotes sleep. So of course there will be any exposure to light block production melatonin which explains why being on your phone it interferes with your sleep-wake cycle before bed or during sleep, yes, it’s time to dismiss that bad habit. And thanks to the motorized function, it is very easy to keep this light-dark cycle completely consistent. I love knowing that when I press a button, I can block it or let the sun in.

From a design standpoint, made to order from our three roller shadows it fits perfectly into the unique three-panel bay window of our bedroom. Since Graber’s custom fabric is offered in a variety of opacities — from light to dark — we were able to choose an option to really darken the room for them. During the day there is a white knot that almost disappears (the small box that holds the roller), and then at night we get the full effect of blackout, without closing our comfortable corner to the rest of the room. Of course, the cherry on top is that these shades are included in Graber motorized functionality. We have it connected to an app on our phone, and it’s programmed when it’s time to turn off the lights to slowly lower the shadows automatically.

They limit distraction …

Return tones can not only block light, they can also limit any inconvenience that may cause you to wake up. If you’re anything like me, a drop of pin could confuse you with sleep. And this has gotten worse since she had kids, I hear everything! It is a blessing and a curse. Translational shadows have significantly reduced or eliminated all distractions from sight and audio, including ambient light, lighthouses, street lights, or if you live in big cities, police helicopters! I have seen that the return tones help me sleep faster and longer.

They also reduce noise pollution

Why is it important? Well, research about the impact of ambient noise on sleep, they found that it was a significant cause of sleep disorders. The dense fabrication helps to reduce noise in shaded tones, creating a quiet space that is ideal for sleeping. This is something to consider if you live in urban areas, densely populated neighborhoods, or cities with higher transportation noise. Or, if you’re a parent like me, it’s essential to have a quiet retreat sanctuary.

They can also help moderate temperature fluctuations

Not only do they provide shade to limit the light that enters my bedroom, they also provide insulation. Even if it’s 92 ° outside (or triple the number that often happens in Texas in the summer), we won’t feel inside. As most of you know, windows are one of the main culprits in the loss of home heat and air conditioning. If energy efficiency is important to you, consider it Graber’s cellular shadow which would reduce that loss without forgetting your energy bill!

To finish…

With the ability to block light and noise and control the temperature of the bedroom, I ultimately have greater control over my sleeping environment. And I am happy to say that since I installed it my good sleep has returned, my anxiety is gone and I am happy to be back to wake up, ready to rest and take on the world. And that, in my opinion, is worth every penny.

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