Terminator: Dark Fate didn’t need an exploding plane

Last finisher Movie, Dark Fate, struggling to give satisfying emotional arcs to a large cast of characters. Writer Sarah Lynn Michener He says it doesn’t help that much of the movie gets lost in a stylized action sequence on an exploding cargo plane.

Michener says in episode 386 of A geek’s guide to the galaxy Audio notation. “And I really love? Are we really going to do that in 2019? It’s so annoying.”

A geek’s guide to the galaxy Host David Bar Kirtley Agreeing that the cargo plane sequence was absurd, and contrasted sharply with the realistic feel captured in the franchise’s best installments, position or termination And Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

“In my opinion, the strength of these films comes from the juxtaposition of these fearsome robots from the future in the face of this totally believable everyday reality,” he says. “And when evil bots from the future make it into some kind of superhero environment, it just doesn’t work. There isn’t a contrast anymore.”

The super action scenes are not only eye catching, they are also very expensive. screenwriter Raphael Jordan He warns that needlessly inflated budgets set unrealistic expectations for science fiction films. “The last three [Terminator] All premiums were about $400 million, and based on the first weekend’s total earnings, that’s perfectly in line with that, he says. “There’s been a whole series of movies – the last one Star Trek Films AlitaAnd Tron: Legacy– which makes $400 million and is considered a failure, and this is just going to be another one of those. Hollywood must figure out a way to make $400 million a viable amount again.”

Dark Fate It marks Hollywood’s third attempt to continue the story Terminator 2After the movie 2003 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines The 2008 TV series Sarah Connor Records. science fiction author Anthony Ha He says the TV mini version is arguably ahead of its big budget rivals in terms of storytelling.

“Obviously a lot of IP addresses go to the TV,” he says. “even if [Terminator] Coming back – and I’m not necessarily convinced he’s coming back – I think he might come back as a TV show.”

Listen to the full interview with Sarah Lynn Michener, Raphael Jordan, and Anthony Ha on episode 386 of A geek’s guide to the galaxy (above). And check out some of the highlights in the discussion below.

Sarah Lynn Michener on James Cameron:

“James Cameron has this really charming idea of ​​feminism, and his only real problem with that is that he hasn’t really updated it since the ’90s. I mean when I saw Alita: Battle AngelOther than the effects, it looked like a great movie that came out in 1995. …but he has this strong feminine obsession, and I think unfortunately there’s kind of this strong feminine thing where it ends up being this “Megan Fox knows how to fix something to motorcycles” brand, and it’s always this sexually oriented idea Super for a strong woman, and James Cameron’s women really weren’t. This had a strong resonance with me. I loved the abyssI loved Aliens, I loved finisher Films. So it was a very formative part of my upbringing.”

Raphael Jordan on screenwriting:

“Generally, what happens is you wait and wait to get a job, and then the moment you get hired it’s pretty impulsive. There’s never enough time, and that’s the unfortunate thing, because the moment they call you, they’ll say, ‘Hey’ , so we’re finally green, and we need the script right away to secure the bond and the funding, so you can donate to us in a week? And you’re like, ‘What? No, I mean, I can give you Something In a week, but will you ensure I have time to fix and fix it? And sometimes you get that time, and sometimes you don’t. …But believe me, these writers pull their hair out, and sometimes they lock themselves in hotel rooms for six to eight weeks if they get that luxury. But they’re definitely trying to improve it, it’s just always an uphill battle. for quality.”

Anthony Ha on Rev-9:

“My sense is that none of the supplements – including Dark Fate—I found a way to top T – 1000. I feel this was very close to the platonic ideal of finisher villain. But that’s an interesting contrast, and the visuals I think are pretty amazing, and it definitely makes for some interesting action scenes, because basically you’ve got two different Terminator with one brain chasing [people]. I wish they did a little more to explore the powers of the Rev-9. … like if [the two forms] He had complementary powers, so the soft version is really good at hinting himself in different situations, but the skeleton is there for brute force. Something that makes her look even more special.”

David Bar Kirtley on Arnold Schwarzenegger:

“I lost the movie genre when they met Arnold Schwarzenegger. I love Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’s cool, but I’ve already seen him as a good destroyer in three other movies. It’s done, I hate the vulgar humor, and I felt that once he got into the story, I became more focused on him rather than developing relationships Among the other characters….When I saw the trailers, which Arnold Schwarzenegger would be on, I assumed it would be a cameo – that they go into the booth, meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, he tells them everything he says to them, and then they move on. I didn’t think he’d join a team acting. And I think it’s possible that anything positive about his inclusion in this movie would have been incorporated into a cameo.”

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