The $ 20 product, which is low Botox – and 19 other must-haves

I consider myself a curious person, but that’s just (okay, mostly) the case when it comes to beauty. I like to know which products everyone uses, for which brands I may not know yet and the total range of mandatory for everyone, because FOMO is real. I just feel the inevitable thrill every time I peek the vanity of cool people, from the fashion set to hairdressers to make-up artists and everyone in between. But some people in the beauty industry just definitely have je ne sais quoi. Take, for example, April Gargiulo, the founder of the iconic skin care brand. Wintner’s daughter.

Yes she is on brains behind the serum to put an end to all serums, the cult favorite Active botanical serum ($ 185), which is also the product that finally balances her skin. “I had cystic acne and pigmentation that I struggled with all the time as I released the serum. , pigmentation and rosacea, ”says Gargiulo. Formulated with 22 active herbal ingredients, this serum is multi-corrective, performance-oriented and made from the best ingredients in the world. It’s basically magic wrapped in a chic bottle.

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