The image of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was wasted with the S Pen Slot

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S21 series earlier this year, they officially brought S Pen support to the phone. The first to be released according to Samsung phones, only the Note series had support for the S Pen. However, it is not a good set because there is no special space for the pen.

This means that users who want to use the fuel should have it removed if there is a chance of losing it. That could change in 2022 because according to a series of photos obtained by Front Page Tech, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung will give the phone a special chance for S Pen.

The fact that the stylus and phone can be fitted together is good news for users who may be reluctant to purchase separately. It also looks like in order to take advantage of the space for the stylus, Samsung will have to upgrade the phone which eliminates the P-shaped grip, which we think is a good thing.

It’s not clear how much thick the phone is, but again, today’s phones are so thin that even with more thickness, it’s not a bad thing because it can be easy and nice to hold. The Galaxy S22 series is due to be announced in early 2022, but Samsung has not officially confirmed a date.

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