This Amazon fashion brand is so good for kids


Before I had children, I would have wondered what the MoD would be for shopping for my children. Will I have zero problem handing over money for the mini-pieces of labels I’ve personally bought – or refraining from the idea of ​​spending on something that will quickly outgrow, if not destroy, the rough life of youth? Will I think about everything I put their little bodies in, or will I reach for the nearest clean thing and do it for a day? Who knew!

The answer is a mixture of the two, really. I love clothes and I can’t ignore the sweetness of the really up-to-date, reduced look … but I’m also practical. The first months were laundry – how important was clothing if life was just a series of diaper changes and spitting? – but now that my daughter is two, I’m really happy to shop for things I really like. I tend to focus on pieces that are just smaller versions of things I would like to wear and, when possible, unisex in color or cut (I’m in the aesthetic atmosphere and want to be able to reuse if in we finally have a son one day).

I flirted with Amazon only at least when she was little, relying more on gifts and shower gifts, but I was in love with Amazon Essentials for her since she found him. There’s a lot of that “I’d wear it in my size!” Continues, and the quality feels on par with the versions, which are priced at $ 30 or more.

Here are some of what I bought recently, plus a few other things I’m considering adding to my cart.


Sweater with 1/4 zipper Sweater with cable knit

Camel knitting with a zippered collar is a kind of item that I would tell everyone, at every stage of life, to wear more often. Young children are not excluded.


Heavy down coat with a hood

After discovering that my eyes were watering at the price of a few baby fluff, I was very pleased to see how good the wallet-friendly version of Amazon was when it arrived in the mail (it has tight-fitting wrist cuffs and thumb holes!).


Knitted graters with long sleeves, 3 packages

The basics don’t have to mean boring. Thermals are ideal for fall and winter, and loaded prints help hide dishonest colors or food stains.


Knitted fashion sneaker

If I’m interested in that, I’m in it for the kids. The atmosphere of knitted sneakers is sportswear with a stylish touch and feels comfortable for small ankles.


Sherpa jacket with fleece lining

The fleece of a teddy bear with a contrasting zipper is great for all ages and this basic version immediately caught my eye. There are many colors to choose from, but I liked this deep caramel.


Set of pajamas with long sleeves of 2 parts

When it comes to baby jams, there really are thousands of options. Bright, animated prints are everywhere, but this monochrome set with neon light feels improved.


Soft touch sweater

Super soft, super trendy: I ​​already own more than a few blouses and sweaters with a big collar with a skirt, so it was obvious yes.


Sneakers with laces

Something about the soles of the gums and thick colored stripes speak to my language of shoes. This couple feels older than the playground, which is always a victory in my book.


Quilted cocoon coat

Just as I can’t resist another cute coat, so will my daughter be burdened. The cap and lining here are too good to miss.


Waterproof snow

If you are in an area of ​​the country where it is snowing, you need to deal with this, in terms of wardrobe. The super pale blush and not the insane price made this winner.

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