Two mechanics cut the engine in half. And turn on the ignition

See the wonders of the Lada engine.

Converting forms of energy into mechanical force and motion is not an easy task – bearing the weight of its task, the engine is an essential part of the machine. With constant explosions happening inside it to keep your car moving, it is strong and does the job perfectly almost every time. With all this power inside, it’s no surprise that an engine would respond if you cut it in half.

In this video, russian mechanics from YouTube channel Garage 54, decided to take on the incredibly complex task of cutting an engine in half to check the intervals. And in fact, they don’t stop there and take a step forward, starting the other half! If you are curious to see how they managed to cope with such a difficult task, be sure to watch the video embedded above and as always, enjoy! But seeing how such a great Lada engine experiences such pain while struggling can ruin your fun.

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