You can now use WhatsApp on your computer without a phone

Using WhatsApp on your computer in the past usually required you to put your phone nearby and turn it on because it is connected to your phone. The downside is that if you lose your phone or don’t have a battery, you won’t be able to use WhatsApp on your desktop.

However, that has changed as WhatsApp has started rolling out on a wider scale making it possible for users to use WhatsApp on their desks without a phone. The show is still in beta, but most all users can now join. All they have to do is connect their devices together as part of the set and it’s good to go.

We’ve tested the show ourselves and it’s sure to work well, even if it’s your device if you don’t have your connection, you can still send and receive WhatsApp messages on your device. table. The configuration file includes the WhatsApp website, but once you’ve logged in and used it, you’ll be able to switch to the desktop app.

WhatsApp is noticing that there are some limitations to the app right now, where you can’t make calls to devices that may be using an older copy of the app, but most users probably renewal should reduce a problem in the future. .

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