Apple is back with a broken ID feature after changing the face of the iPhone 13 Part Three

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The other day, iFixit confirmed whether to make a DIY replacement of the iPhone 13 display or ship it to a third -party unauthorized store. this will completely break the Fake ID and be useless. This has usually received a lot of responses, but Apple seems to have decided to go back to their option.

According to a report from The Verge Apple has reportedly told them they will address this issue through a software update. With this software update, users will be able to add a new display to the phone without the need to connect the microcontroller, a type of key feature that can cause Face ID to fail.

When iFixit was discontinued, they realized that the display of the iPhone 13 was being run using a microcontroller. As retail stores have access to the software to coordinate serial numbers, they will be able to make face changes that will allow Face ID to continue to work.

IFixit notes that users can try to disable the microcontroller, but because it is cumbersome and annoying, not many users or other stores can detect or interfere with it. However, with this change from Apple, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Apple has not confirmed when the update is expected to come, but expects it to be in the near future.

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