Camping Pod, powered by solar energy, turns Cybertruck into a futuristic RV

If you’re familiar with Tesla and its famous electric car line, you’ve probably witnessed the company’s global obsession with the company’s all-electric futuristic Cybertruck pickup. The electric pickup used to be headlines for its range, interior and exterior features and design, leading to a lot of anticipation as its release date continues to be delayed. For now, deliveries are expected to begin around 2022.

While Cybertruck’s shocking design is what sets it apart from other electric pickups, it also makes things harder for leisure accessories. industry. Since almost all campers are designed to fit ordinary pickup beds, companies have started development of compatible models.

The latest camper design belongs to a team of industrial designers and engineers from California. The revolutionary camper FORM which is made of carbon fiber is compatible with all truck beds. The carbon fiber body, enhanced with aluminum honeycomb material, offers maximum strength and durability.

FORM is basically a rectangular box that is designed to fit between the sides of pickup beds. This box has a complete expansion system that turns the pickup into a spacious and comfortable home. With 195 square feet (18 square meters) of indoor and outdoor dry space, this camper includes a living room, indoor / outdoor kitchen and bathroom. In addition to high-end appliances and furniture, FORM also has a shower, refrigerator and stove inside.

What’s more, the camper is intricately optimized for an industry-leading lightweight design. At 1000 pounds (453.5 kg), this is the perfect thing to minimize resistance. With its solar panels, it can generate 400 watts of electricity for green camping.

With its reverse osmosis water filtration system, the pod can provide 100 gallons of fresh water with 50 gallons of storage. As for the air flow? The pod is equipped with a fan that can control hot and cold air according to the outside temperature. What more could a camper want from an attached camping capsule?

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