Disney+ Save $ 1.99 Ad for the Week

Disney + is currently priced at $ 7.99 a month, up from $ 6.99 when it first launched. Of course, at $ 7.99 a month it’s not a big deal, but if you’re worried about whether or not you like the company’s display list, you’re lucky because they’re currently running a promotion b. it’s called “Disney Plus Day”.

With this promotion, those who have not signed up for the service will be able to do so at a rate of $ 1.99. However, it’s only the first month’s subscription, after it goes back to $ 7.99 a month, but as we said, for those who haven’t subsub and want to do so, it’s probably a good place to start with. it costs no more than a cup of coffee.

Keep in mind that this broadcast is only a good week. It will run from November 8th until November 14th, so you have to make a decision this week if you want to take advantage of this offer. In addition to the low price tag, Disney Plus Day also hopes to include premium and surprise sneak peeks, so for those below, there’s also something for you.

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