Inworld AI raises $ 7 million to populate the metaverse

Inworld AI, a California-based AI startup, has closed a $ 7 million round of funding to provide developers with the resources to create AI-based characters to fulfill the metaverse.

The funding round was led by Kleiner Perkins and CRV, with the participation of Meta (formerly known as Facebook). The turn takes the startup out of stealth mode and will allow it to expand its platform capabilities to meet growing demand. Izhar Armony, the main partner of CRV, mentioned the participation of the company:

“Expanded realities are expected to have a market of about $ 300 billion over the next three years. Businesses are growing tremendously right now to plan and execute metaverse strategies and involvement. The team is growing rapidly, so it’s an exciting time for people interested in VR, gaming and the virtual world to collaborate with the company and stay at the forefront of this growing space. ”

Inworld AI was created in July to fill developers with virtual human agents capable of complex interactions that contribute to the realism of the virtual world. The technology developed by Inworld AI will allow users to interact with real people in a more realistic way, from customer service to training sessions, all in a truly immersive virtual space. Ilya Gelfenbeyn, CEO of Inworld AI, said:

“Immersion realities continue to accelerate as the world and use case ecosystem becomes more diverse and fascinating. Meta’s Horizon Worlds, Roblox, Fortnite, and other virtual spaces that offer unique experiences and allow users to be in other worlds will also continue to be in high demand by companies, ranging from games to story content and new business applications. The technology for building virtual humans is complex and requires a great deal of specialization. At Inworld AI, our goal is to carry the necessary weight, allowing our partners to take advantage of the platform we build the way they prefer. ”

Originally created by Neal Stephenson in the science fiction novel Snow Crash, Metaverse has been the subject of much discussion in the past month, as companies such as NVidia, Meta, Roblox and Microsoft have made public their efforts in this area. While most people think the metaverse is an open VR gaming experience, the applications of the metaverse are far greater than games.

Solutions like the one developed by Inworld AI will enable development metaverse allowing the creation of complex systems to move away from this misconception without the need for hard coding. This approach will give the metaverse the ability to adapt to changing conditions, creating the level of freedom needed to refer to a virtual world as a real metaverse.

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