It appears that Instagram is getting ready to launch the Creator’s sale

Right now, the only way for Instagram users to make money on the platform is to seek their support. This means that those who are not active in seeking sponsors will not receive a large salary, if not. This is true of other platforms such as YouTube where creators can place ads and make money from them.

However, it seems that Instagram is getting ready to launch a new image for creators in terms of contributions. The company had already announced earlier this year that they would be exploring the concept of establishing subscriptions, and currently two. Olo Sensori ma Apptopia it is reported that the company looks ready to launch the film.

According to their research, it looks like Instagram can start subscribing to anywhere between $ 0.99 to $ 4.99 a month, and at the same time, they seem to Instagram tags are being created that allow users to purchase these badges as live support, similar to the Twitch method. users can submit their favorite streams.

It is unknown at this time when this new show will be announced, but it could be something the creators are looking forward to if they hope for another four. ‘ legs they can fund. Also, Instagram will probably get a cut from these sales and contributions, which is another way for the foundation to generate more revenue.

Log in broad. Read more about Instagram. Source: techcrunch

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