Lawmakers recommend bill to allow users to turn off social media algorithms

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram rely on algorithms to help make its content more accessible. This is usually done by showing users what they might be interested in from people or pages they interact with frequently. The idea is that this will motivate users to spend more time using their products.

This compares back to the date the items were shown relative to when and when they were broadcast. Obviously the new algorithms are more state -of -the -art, but House lawmakers want to change that. According to a report from Axios, Lawmakers have issued a bill to force companies like Meta to offer a sample of their services without an algorithm, or to give users an option to turn it off.

In his speech to the press, Rep. David Cicilline, “Facebook and other popular media outlets exploit their users through opaque algorithms that prioritize growth and revenue over everything else. Because of the corporate governance and control of these platforms, they are users are hooked on a few things to do in this small business model, whether they are in their social media feeds, on paid advertisements, or their research findings.

If this seems normal, then a few months ago, the Chinese government also announced plans build rules for algorithms used by technology companies to attract users.

Log in broad. Read more about Legal. Source: businessinsider

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