Netflix Games Are Available On iOS Individual Apps

When Netflix Games first launched on mobile, was the only Android available. It was speculated that it may have been due to Apple App Store rules that caused the delay in the launch of iOS, and it was later reported that Netflix. they can promote their games as individual brands on the App Store.

The reports seem to be correct because according to a report from Bloomberg, Netflix games are now available on iOS where these games are listed as individual titles. Including Mea Ese: 1984, Extra 3: The Game, Shoot, Teeter (Above), ma Mirror Mirror.

The interesting thing about these games is that Netflix seems to have decided to allow users to subscribe to their service through in-app purchases. Prior to this, users who wanted to watch Netflix on their iPhones or iPads had to sign up for an account and register on the Netflix website, which allowed the company to pass the bill. Apple’s cut from the App Store.

However, it seems that users want to play any of these Netflix titles but no strong Netflix ad will now be able to subscribe to Netflix through any of these programs. This is probably one of the permissions Netflix has made in order to make its games available on the App Store, but the interesting thing is that the main Netflix is ​​instructing users to go to its website to control their stories.

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