Swimm closes $ 27.6 million round of funding to facilitate software development internalization

Swimm, a Tel Aviv-based information technology startup, has raised $ 27.6 million Series A funding to change the integration of developers, making it easier to maintain documentation.

The turn, led by Insight Partners, with the participation of Dawn Capital, Pitango First and TAU Ventures, brings the total funding raised by Swimm to $ 33.3 million. The startup announced it would launch a free open access beta. Evgenia Plotnikova, Dawn’s General Partner, said the company was participating in the round:

“Last year, more than $ 180 billion was invested in cloud companies, 10 times more than in 2010. Behind every dollar of risk invested, there is an engineering team, big or small, struggling with outdated and confusing documentation, and living outside of it. development workflow. With Swimm, Oren, Omer, Gilad and Tom they have built a unique product that has turned the developer’s headache into a competitive advantage for the business. We’re excited to join them on this journey and welcome more teams to Swimm’s beta. ”

Founded in 2019, Swimm aims to help development teams better understand their code by making it easier to create documentation. It achieves this by providing a platform that automatically synchronizes documentation, using “live” parts, seamlessly integrating documentation into the development cycle without disrupting the team’s workflow. Oren Toledano, CEO and founder of Swimm, said of this mission:

“Swimm is redefining the relationship that developers have with documentation, from being a tedious task that requires a lot of investment and is rarely paid for, to becoming a unified part of the CI process. By enabling developers to effortlessly create and maintain documentation, as well as improve discovery, it becomes an effective and powerful tool for Swimm teams. ”

As software development continues to become a major need in different industries, companies have had to grow their engineering teams. However, rapid scaling has exacerbated the challenges for those who join teams when they see a lack of documentation.

Swimm believes that removing the challenges posed by heritage and spaghetti codes can help teams increase their speed and agility. development efforts. Along with popular IDEs like VS Code and JetBrains and services like Github, Swimm’s platform will ensure that keeping documentation up to date is a painless process.

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