The 20 best creams with retinol for acne, according to the dermis

We love retinol, simple and easy. This is one of the most beloved skin care ingredients recommended by both dermatologists and aesthetics for its youth-enhancing properties, but we also know that it is the current champion of acne fighters.

With so many different types of formulas, it is such a relief to know that there is a single ingredient that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles while taking care of one of the most common skin care problems faced by both teenagers and adults alike. If you are curious how retinol does such magic, the respected dermatologist Macren Alexiades (founder of Macrene Active) has the full description for you. “Retinol affects skin cell metabolism,” she said. “It reduces the activity of sebum, therefore acting against acne. It also leads to peeling of the skin, causing a surface repair effect that reduces wrinkles.”

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