These are some of the worst looking rockets ever created

These are the ugly ducklings from the space world.

Some rockets look like Elon Musk’s famous Starship, while others are downright disgusting. There is a reason to come up with the phrase “This is not rocket science.” Creating a rocket is not an easy task, so engineers can never put form above function. As a result, some missiles have earned a reputation for many eye sores.

In this YouTuber video Scott Manley, which is famous for its detailed aerospace videos, explains how he has seen his fair share of missiles over the years, with some sticking out just because they are terrible. Designing an ugly rocket “is not easy to do when the laws of physics require clean aerodynamic lines and limit your aesthetics,” he explains in the video description. If you want to see these rockets or are just a fan of space, be sure to watch the built-in video above and, as always, enjoy!

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